Wood & Concrete

by Anna on March 18, 2013

So I’ve been thinking to myself lately “if I were to design my dream bathroom, what would it look like?” I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be a combination of concrete and wood with white and grey accents.  Bali is my inspiration. When I visited Bali I fell in love with the clean modern look of concrete mixed with the warmth of beautiful teak wood. Something about this particular juxtaposition of materials is so appealing to my senses. Simple, clean, honest, cool, and warm. I imagine a large sunken in-ground tub made of  grey stone or concrete alongside a separate stand-in steam shower with a slated teak wood floor and matching bench. The counter top would be of poured concrete and have a continuous concrete leg to the ground. The sinks would be either hollowed stone or plain modern white porcelain. Floors of pebbled stone, teak wood framed mirrors, light grey walls. Ahhhhh…I can just see it now…Relaxing by candlelight in my cozy bathtub.

loft bathroom at clio bali seminyak

tile and bathroom world


Horse meets Home

by Anna on August 24, 2012

I introduce to you: A concept board for the project of my newest client. A friend of mine just purchased a condo in Del Mar and I just had to get a start on bringing together some ideas. I’m loving the fact that she wants to incorporate some quirky horse paraphernalia into the living area- its really going to add some personality and fun! I’d like to mix some modern pieces with rustic equestrian pieces and tie it all together using sleek blue and rusty orange. I think we will definitely have a good time pulling off this look while also working within a budget. Here is my take on the MODERN EQUESTRIAN LOOK……

Small Rectangle Lacquer Trays
$29 –