got ikat?

by Anna on July 28, 2011

I’ve always been a lover of hippie looking things. It just runs in my blood. I always remember my mama wearing the most casual chic outfits (and I really don’t think she tried- she was just a natural fashionista). Flowing cotton dresses, worn leather jackets with fringe falling from the arms, moccasins, beaded turquoise jewelry, vintage tees, hand woven purses, strappy sandals, and braided hair… that was my mama. My love of natural textiles and and neutral colors is the outcome of hippie parents and Native American ancestry.

With that being said, I must introduce you to a type of fabric pattern called “IKAT.” A flame stitch-looking printed pattern that is normally shown on light weight to medium weight cotton. This pattern is reminiscent of hippie days and has the ulitmate southwest Native American feel. So to make sense of all of this I will break it down for you: I love hippie stuff and I love shoes. Therefore, I am obsessed with the shoes below :)

Which ones should I get?!