UpCycled and Fabulous.

by Anna on May 24, 2011

I am always so impressed with all the talent found on the website Check out this shop called Mudpuppy that features alien-like plants that actually grow upside-down. Amazing!

Re-Purposed Tupperware? How cool! These would definitely make a whimsical statement in a kitchen or even hanging above tables in a fun little restaraunt. Check out GusNboots shop.

Lastly, take a look at this assortment of Upcycled wall decor.

Top left is a picture frame made out of Upcycled magazine pages by ColorStoryDesigns.  Top right picture is an upcycled frame turned into an erasable drawing board by REEDLOVE. Bottom left is artwork that is made from reused book pages by PRRINT. Bootom right is a set of hooks made from old spoons…Isn’t that great!?… by jjevensen.