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by Anna on June 10, 2011

A few years back I went to a Women’s business meeting held at Design Within Reach in LA. One woman in particular stood out and forever became my inspiration because of her fearless risk taking abilty to follow her dreams and ambitions. While on my recent vacation in San Antonio, TX. I was browsing a local art store accompanied by my talented sign artist uncle Joe and I walked past the magazine rack. I stopped to see a woman on the cover who looked strangley familiar. It was  the face of Tanya Aguiniga, the same woman I had listened to give advice about starting a business. The same woman who had helped infuse me with the fact that I too could follow my ambitions and heart.

Tanya’s designs are bold and incredibly unique. Of course, being the textile lover that I am, I appreciate the textures and materials that she incorporates into her designs. Also, I cant help but mention that her work is so Eco-Chic!

Read a nice article here about her on American Craft Magazine.

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