About me

AnnaAnna Gaytan: Owner and Interior Designer for Fly Design Studio. Graduate of Design Institute of San Diego with a BFA in Interior Design.

“My seamstress mother taught me my appreciation for craftmanship and high quality materials. I design the way that I like to live. Simply. If I buy a pair of scissors, I want to buy the best pair of scissors in order to last a life time… or possibly longer.  I use this same theory when designing. New doesnt neccessarily mean better. I am fond of antiques and old objects because they have lasted the tests of time and they hold a beautiful past. Quality is my measure of beauty. My two favorite words to sum up what I believe style should be: TIMELESS & CLASSIC.

When I design I never forget that the best designer is nature. Nature brings us the most beautiful colors, textures, shapes and she is the master of creating harmony. It is important for me to embrace nature in my designs while also respecting her. Whenever possible I will reuse furniture and utilize eco-friendly materials and practices. I feel it is my responsibility as a designer to make each project have the most positive impact on the environment possible.”

Fly Design Studio provides FULL residential and small-scale commercial interior design services including:

  • Space Planning
  • Color, theme, and concept creation
  • Renderings
  • Furniture layout
  • Custom furniture design
  • Personal interior design shopping
  • Textile design
  • Window treatments
  • Artwork and murals

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